James Carrick Ltd.

Trading as James Carrick Ltd., from 1982, Jim sold a range of other replica clocks alongside the William Gray lantern clock, and produced a kit form of the clock for sale through Classic Clocks of Clerkenwell.
However, the business went into decline and James Carrick Ltd filed its last accounts in 1985. In 1986 the registered address was moved to that of its accountants in Luton. The company was finally wound up in 1988.
During the final years of the company, Jim had developed a working relationship with Richard Charman, of Dereham in Norfolk; eventually moving with Dora to Necton about 10 miles from Dereham. Jim and Richard Charman collaborated until 1991, making lantern clocks, verge dial clocks, Norwich clocks, Act of Parliament clocks, and a Windmills longcase clock with bolt and shutter maintaining power.
A wide range of clock parts were also made for the trade, with Jim and Richard developing a large range of replacement parts for antique English clocks. Jim’s production engineering expertise enabled them to develop specialised tooling for this range of materials, including tooling capable of producing over 60,000 clock keys per year.
When Jim retired, aged 65 in 1991, he sold his stock and equipment to Richard Charman, who started Clockspares of Dereham, supplying almost all the major UK parts wholesalers. Jim Carrick passed away in 1994 aged only 68. Some years after Jim’s death, Richard Charman, dispersed the contents (drawings, parts and tools) of Jim’s workshop.